Real Betis vs Valencia CF

Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33

International Fan Groups

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Valencia CF is a global football club, and we are grateful to all fans who devote time and energy to running local supporter groups all around the world.

This page lists the fan groups that we know about, split by region: Europe, Asia, OceaniaUSA and the Middle East.

If you run a group which is not listed, use the form at the bottom of the page to submit the details, and we will consider it for inclusion.


South London Valencia CF

Home of South London Valencia CF Fans
Gathering to watch games across London and travelling to matches from time to time.
Follow us on twitter: @ValenciaCF_LDN


Penya Chescandinavia is the official Valencia CF supporters club in the Nordics and one of the very first official international penyas. It is a non-profit organization, consisting of valencianistas mostly originating from or living in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

In the lands of the old Vikings, cities and villages are far and between, so the penya does not host a physical club house facility. Instead, it's virtual office is on Chescandinavia.com and our Facebook page - where you can also get more information about us and the club!


Valencia CF France

We are a group of French fans- from France, but also Belgium and Luxembourg.

We have a website at valencia-cf.fr, a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

Penya Valencianistas Rusos

We are an officially recognized Penya organized for Valencia fans, mainly by Russian language. There are a lot of fans from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries among our society. The main activity you can find on our website and our forum, which fans used to communicate with each other. Additionally we have branches in big cities such as Kiev, Minsk or Moscow.

We do live support in the stadiums of Eastern Europe when Valencia play matches in the region, and this is one of main goals for us. We've done it in Kiev (twice), Prague, Minsk and Krasnodar already.

Every year some our supporters come to Mestalla for decisive matches and moreover one of us has Curva Nord membership.

We are likely to get in touch with everybody who is interested in our society.

Amunt Valencia!

Also available: Facebook Page and VK Page.

Valencia CF Fan Club Slovenia

Valencia CF Fan Club Slovenia is a Facebook page on which all the latest news about Valencia CF are listed.

We write the news in Slovenian and English language. We have many followers from Slovenia and all around the world. With our page many fans get all the latest news very fast and reliable.


Valencianistas Polonia

Valencianistas Polonia is the biggest fan group of polish Valencia CF supporters. We run a website at vcf.pl which was created in 2003 and is visited regularly by about 2000 people a day. We devote our time and energy to inform Polish supporters about club on daily basis.

Our mission is to promote Valencia CF brand in our country and to create bonds between supporters. We meet regularly to watch games and to share our views on the club's situation.

Over 12 years of our activity, we've managed to talk to some of the Valencia players, create reports from matches played at Estadio Mestalla as well as some other games. We plan to set up official penya for valencianistas in Poland in the near future. We also have a Facebook page.


ValenciaCF.cz is the penya for fans of Valencia CF from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With hundreds of fans, we are following our beloved Valencia CF, visiting the club's preseason matches, etc.

As well as the website at valenciacf.cz, there is a Facebook page.


ValenciaCF Szurkolói Oldal

A Hungarian fan site, plus a Facebook Page.

The site admins have long been loyal supporters of Valencia CF...



Proud Macedonian supporters of the greatest club in the world.

Join in on our Facebook page.


Valencia CF Romania

Romanian community of Valencia fans, run from a Facebook Page.


Valencia CF Supportes Albania

We are a branch of Valencia in Albania! Info, news, videos and everything about Valencia in Albanian language on a Facebook Page.



Valencia CF Fan Club Italia

A new Italian fan group formed in June 2015, through a Facebook page and also on Twitter.

Valencia Balkan

We are a group of fans from the Balkans.

We gather fans from all countries of the Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

We have a website at valencia-balkan.net, and a Facebook page.

Foro Ché

Forum for valencianistas from Sweden.

We are likely to get in touch with everybody who is interested in our society.

Amunt Valencia!

Join in on our Facebook page.


Svenskafans.com-Valencia CF

In this website at svenskafans.com/spanien/valencia, all the Valencianistas in Sweden can make an account, discuss the team, read news, share opinions and also discuss with other supporters.

There have been almost 100,000 comments posted in total since 2004, and every post is about Valencia CF!

The website is made from football fans to everyone, and you can select your favourite team from almost every country. The website is in Swedish language.


Valencia CF Azerbaijan

We are VCF fans from Azerbaijan, gathering to see VCF matches from time to time.

We have a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, editing and/or subtitling VCF videos.


We are the most popular Russian-speaking fan site of Valencia, which units people from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria and other countries. Thanks to regular daily news updates, fans get the latest information about the life of our loved club. We watch as a sport, as structural events, the fate of every players both present and past. We try to monitor not only the current sport results on the field, but sincerely worry about the whole structure of the club with many years of glorious history.

We are glad to observe systematic, steady development of the club for progress, not only in sports, but also for changes for the better of all managers. No doubt, we develop with our club. We see how sporting success of the team contribute to the increase of users on our site, most of which becomes true valencianistas. Our site (http://amuntvalencia.ru) exists and promotes Valencia since

2011 year and has about 300-400 active users.

Web: http://amuntvalencia.ru/



Valencia CF Singapore

First fan group dedicated to Valencia CF fans in Singapore.

Spread the love, share the beautiful game.

Run through a Facebook page, and the Twitter and Instagram accounts below.


Penya VCF Indonesia

Official fan group in Indonesia.

Visit their Facebook Page.

MyValencia CF - Supporters Club

Home of Malaysia Valencia CF fans club.

Another alternate way for Valencia Supporters in Malaysia to support their lovely club.

We have a website at myvalenciacf.com, and a Facebook page.


華倫西亞香港球迷會 Valencia CF Hong Kong Fan Club

First fan club of Valencia CF in Hong Kong.

Share news and issues in Traditional Chinese and English on our Facebook page.

Amunt Valencia!


Valencia Thailandclub

Welcome all valencia fans in Thailand and all around the world. We cheer we support we grow together. Go valencia !

Follow us in our Facebook page



Peña Valencianista de EEUU

We go under many names like Penya VCF USA, vcfUSA and Penya Valencianista USA. Nevertheless, we are the official penya for valencianistas living or from the United States. The penya was founded at a university in Illinois by some college kids who had a vision of a country united by one team, one badge and one passion. This was sparked from Valencia CF's first USA tour and meeting some other valencianistas who shared the same dream. The power of social media has united us.

We have members throughout the United States, with concentrations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami. Our headquarters is in New York City and we watch games at the bar Smithfield NYC. We have a facebook page, group and profile. The penya also has a presence on Twitter and Instagram under the name vcfUSA.  We also have strong ties with the Penya Valencianista Florida and Penya Valencianista Dominicana. Feel free to contact us if you want to watch a game with us. Amunt Valencia!

Visit the Facebook Page or request to join the Facebook Group.


Valencia CF Virginia Supporters Group

We are a group of just under 60 supporters that support Valencia CF in Williamsburg, Virginia. Please Like us on Facebook! Amunt Los Che!


Middle East

نادي فالنسيا خفافيش المستايا

The first, and largest page of VCF Arab fans.

Gathering news, statisticals reports and translating to Arabic moment by moment.

You will find videos, photos and links supporting the club and the players.

Amunt Valencia Visca Valencia.

Facebook Page

Valencia CF Israel - ולנסיה ישראל

The first fan group of Valencia CF in Israel, run via a Facebook page.

Founded in 2013 by three ambitious Ches, and grew to be a big fan group. Watching the VCF games in Rishon LeZion, Israel together. Amunt València!


Valencia CF fans: Australia - New Zealand

For fans of Los Che in Australia and New Zealand, we aim to be the meeting place to discuss our great club. AMUNT!

Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1385180731507499/

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