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Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday


A series of fan stories from around the world, which we will build up over time... A collection of Valencia FC videos where fans from around the world tell their often remarkable stories of how they came to be supporters and their commitment to the blanquinegros.

Christopher : a real Valencianista all the way from France

Christopher : a real Valencianista all the way from France

Get to know Christopher Bigot, head of the PV of France. Chris also manages the Twitter accounts of Valencia CF fan clubs in many other countries. This time, he visited Valencia to watch a VCF game and met one of his idols, Zakaria Bakkali, at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna.

Minka, the Finnish fan who fell for Mestalla

Minka, the Finnish fan who fell for Mestalla

Finnish fan Minka became an ardent fan of Valencia during a year's Erasmus in the city and despite the distance remains as committed as ever. Today she will achieve her dream of watching VCF, and her idol Gayà, in her country.

An unforgettable day in his life.

Ravi the fan from Singapore that played with his idol Albelda

Ravi from Singapore has been a Valencia CF fan since he watched the blanquinegros win la Liga in 2004. He was eagerly awaiting Valencia's arrival to his country, and he did not think twice about going to the hotel where Valencia CF were staying to have some pictures taken with the players.


He travelled a 1,000 kms through South America to see a game

From Chile a Mestalla to make a dream come true

For Sergio it was love at first sight with Valencia CF and during ten years this feeling has only grown. He travelled a 1,000 kms in five different coaches through South America in the 2014-15 pre-season to see his team play. He revealed to VCFPlay what was his dream: to see a game at Mestalla and now two and half years later Sergio has fulfilled his dream and once again VCFplay has witnessed his memorable adventure


Ángel Rodríguez

Fan visits Mestalla for the first time

Ángel Rodriguez lives in Santander and has followed Valencia CF since he was five years old. At that age his 'sentiment' as a Valencianista was forged with the team that reached two Champions League finals.Now, aged twenty, he fulfills his dream of visiting Valencia and Mestalla for the first time with his girlfriend. It was a fantastic weekend that he will never forget.


David's history, a fan who never turns his back on the team

David is a very peculiar fan. He has never set a foot in Valencia, but he fell in love with the black and white side watching Mendieta and Aimar. Since then, he has support it from the distance, be it in the good or in the bad times. His dream: Come in Mestalla. His request to the fans is: to cheer the team on when it is most needed.


Ralph and Ramón, valencia fans from Germany

Ralph and Ramón are members of "Rainier Bonhof" Valencia group (the Valencia football club player from late 70s). Every year approximately they make 15,000 and 20,000 kilometres to follow ValenciaC.F.This year they have already been in Lyon and St Petersburg. The VCF cameras have been alongside them on their last journey 4.000 kilometres by car to watch VCF-R.Madrid.

From Panama to Mestalla to make a dream come true

From Panama to Mestalla to make a dream come true

It was the year 2006. In a corner of the city of Panama a group of Valencia CF fans gathered to enjoy the match of their team, thousands of kilometres away from Valencia. Almost ten years later, two fans from Panama, Rigo and Mónica, go on a trip that makes their dream come true.

Ari and Eeva, 20 years of loyalty to Valencia CF

Ari and Eeva, 20 years of loyalty to Valencia CF

Ari Hanninen and Eeva Tiilikainen are a Finnish couple visiting the Valencian Community and supporting Valencia CF for almost 20 years. A match of the Spanish team with Mendieta was their key moment for their passion for the Valencian team.

As every year, they visit Mestalla to watch a match of VCF but this time they are given a surprise which they had certainly not expected.



He fell in love with VCF when he wore their shirt as a 'mascot'

Ceiron went out onto the pitch for the Swansea-VCF game in the 2013-14 Europa League. He was a 'mascot', taking to the field accompanying a player. He did so wearing the shirt of VCF, which instilled in him a feeling that has never left him. A year and half later, he visits Mestalla with his family for the first time, where he will be a 'mascot' in true Valencian style.

Abdullah Fallatah

"If there was no Valencia, I would die"

Abdullah Fallatah
is an Arabian Valencia CF follower who lives in Kentucky USA with his family, to whom he has passed on his Valencianismo. He the VCF anthem well and sings it to his young daughter; he watches every game with his wife - a big fan of Jose Gayà - and he dreams of visiting Mestalla someday. This is his story...

The Italian fan who started following VCF thanks to FIFA video game

The Italian fan who started following VCF thanks to FIFA video game

Stefano Cennicola is a 22 year old Italian from Napoli. Years ago he started following Valencia CF thanks to his love of the video game FIFA.

You could say that this game made him a Valencia CF fan. Now he makes his first visit to the city of Valencia and, of course, he attended Mestalla with his girlfriend to watch his team in action.

Julio Silva, the biggest Valencia CF fan in Texas

Julio Silva, the biggest Valencia CF fan in Texas

Julio Silva is a Valencia CF supporter from Texas, and a member of the Penya Valencianista USA supporters group. He recently spent time in Valencia with his family. It was an exciting trip that gave him some unforgettable memories.

He became a fan in 1999 after the team won the Spanish Super Cup against FC Barcelona. Julio never misses a VCF game when the team travel to the United States, and has also had the opportunity to meet the great Mario Kempes. He and his family and friends were invited to watch a VCF match in one of the boxes at Mestalla boxes.