Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Octubre, 10 2017

Huge step forward for Carlos Soler and Lato's Spain u21's against Slovakia (1-4)

Carlos Soler and Lato’s Spain u21’s took a huge step forward to play the final qualifying stage for Italy 2019 Euro. Only two games have been played thus far but winning the game against the main rivals to clinch qualifying away at Slovakia (1-4) Carlos Soler started on the right flank and Lato followed it from the bench. With this win Spain u21’s stay second of the group three points behind Northern Ireland with two more games left to play.

Guedes booked a ticket for Russia 2018 World Cup

Portugal booked their ticket for Russia 2018 after beating Switzerland by (2-0). Gonçalo Guedes did not play a single minute.