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November, 09 2018

Marcelino: "Winning helps gaining trust and reinforcing what we do"

The Valencia CF coach only thinks about adding the three points, knowing that winning at Coliseum Alfonso Pérez is not easy


Marcelino has attended the media in the pre-match press conference ahead of Getafe CF Valencia CF that will take place this Saturday at 4:15 p.m.

Last year was a very tough match in Getafe, what arguments do you have to see a superior Valencia CF?

The Getafe CF has its own identity, last season's match was in a pitch that differs a lot from the current ones, they put a very good hybrid field. They have a style of play that gives them good results, with a high physical level and we have to adapt to it, we applaud how well both the coaching staff and the players are doing, which makes them a difficult team to beat. It will be a very even match, against a rival who has only received three goals in his field, and we go with the intention of winning knowing that it will be difficult.

Does the victory on Wednesday influences emotionally?

There is no doubt that if you show in the field that you can win and you do not, it is a hard blow every time it does not happen, as it happened against Girona FC. Winning helps with our own trust and reinforce what we do. It is more positive to go to a game from the victory than from the defeat, but it will not be decisive for the final result, we will win if we are better and if we are more successful than Getafe CF.

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