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February, 19 2019

Wass: "Whatever the position, the important thing is playing"

Daniel Wass has adapted quickly to VCF since signing in the summer

Daniel Wass was one of Valencia CF's new arrivals last summer, but has proven just how adaptable he is, playing in several positions as a vital part of the team.

The Dane chatted to VCF Media ahead of the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 2nd leg against Celtic, and expressed his happiness with his contribution to the club so far.

"The team are in very good shape. We're all happy, and the most important thing for me is that we continue in the same way," he explained.

"The last home game saw us being far superior to the opposition. We lacked goals, but we're in good shape and happy. We need to pick up points at home, but getting to the semifinal of the Copa del Rey and holding a good result from the Europa League, as well as being close to the Champions League spots, is very important for us."

"We want to win on Thursday. We're playing at home again, in front of our fans, and we'll carry on in the same way as in the last game."

Whilst LaLiga action is coming up on Sunday, and Valencia CF hold a strong advantage from the first leg against Celtic, the focus is firmly on the nearest fixture.

"Leganes are strong opponents, especially when playing them away from home. But the most important game for us right now is on Thursday. It's a competition that we want to win, and on Friday we'll start preparing for Sunday's game," Wass emphasised.

"The fans are really important for us. They're our twelfth man. It's really good for us, especially after the game against Getafe."

"I'm happy. The biggest thing for me is playing and helping the team. Whether that be as a fullback, in the midfield, on the wing... In France I started out as left back, then a year later I played as a number 10. By now I've played almost everywhere. The most important thing is playing, and I've played almost every game. I'm very happy and proud to play for this club."